Sunday, June 3, 2012

Water Woes

This blog is the complement to the June 2, H2Ohhh! event at Camp Bayou. Each week, we will post one of the questions from our contest. The post will have some relevant info and maybe be a hint to the correct answer to the question of the week.

This past Saturday's H2Ohhh! event was a fun morning learning about water conservation and other water related discoveries. Plus many of our guests enjoyed a 2-hour paddle around the island south of Camp Bayou. Door prizes were awarded throughout the morning including water bottles, bandanas, fishing line holders and more.

For the grand prize drawing (pictured at left), we have received more than 100 entries with only 6 people providing all the correct answers. Remember, only entries with all the answers correct will be entered into the final drawing.  If you aren't sure that you are one of the six, be sure to enter your answers again. But this time consider this...

THE most controversial question was  last week's question: Which uses less water: A bath, a 5 minute shower, a 20 minute shower with a low-flow showerhead, or all use the same?

Here's the stats straight from the Southwest Florida Water Management District's fact sheet:

Bathing uses 36 gallons for a full tub

Showering with a non-conserving showerhead is 4 gallons per minute for 5 minutes totaling 20 gallons.
Meanwhile, showering with a conserving showerhead is 1.5-2.5 gallons per minute for 5 minutes totaling 7.5-12.5 gallons.

The general term 'bath' has been called into question by some since not everyone assumes that a bath means a full soaking tub's worth of water. Some baths can use much less.

The other issue was that of the '5-minute' shower. It has been claimed by some that the only way to do a 5 minute shower is to turn the water on long enough to wet our skin and hair, then turn off the water to lather and shampoo, then turn the water on to rinse. Forget about shaving...

Now that you are armed with the statistics, you can answer this question correctly to ensure your eligibility for the grand prize drawing on June 16. Enter as often as you like but only one correct entry per email address will be entered into the drawing.

Be sure to click on the link to enter our contest for a chance to win great prizes related to water. Prize photos can be seen at left and include items such as a hydration backpack, a water quality 'discovery' set, and more...

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