Sunday, June 17, 2012

Last Post for H2Ohhh!

This blog is the complement to the June 2, H2Ohhh! event at Camp Bayou. Each week, we will post one of the questions from our contest. The post will have some relevant info and maybe be a hint to the correct answer to the question of the week.

The H2Ohhh! event is over and the prize contest deadline has passed. Over the past several weeks, there have been 5 weeks of paid advertisements in eight Tampa Tribune community papers with exposure on, and 2 weeks of paid advertisements in the south Hillsborough County editions of the Observer News. All together, that amounts to over 2.2 million unique views per month (per newspaper distribution statistics). In addition, notices were sent via blogs, Camp Bayou newsletter, email blast and social media including Facebook and Twitter.

The contest entry, which also served as an evaluation mechanism, drew just over 200 entries. The initial entries averaged a score of 57%. Not everyone who submitted an early entry also submitted a post-event entry. The average score for those who did submit an entry after the June 2 event was 71%. This represents a knowledge increase of nearly 15%. In all, just 7 entries achieved a score of 100%. The most frequently missed questions were addressed in last week's blog.

The winner's of the grand prizes, picked at random of entries with 100% correct:
Logan Dodson- Hydration backpack (value: $150)
Deborah Theisen- Water Quality Discovery Set (value: $20)
Russell Owens- Dufflebag and hats (value: $20)
Becki Stafford- Summer Fun Set (value: $20)

As promised, here are the answers to the seven knowledge questions. The one opinion question- How important is it for SWFWMD to fund community projects such as H2Ohhh!- scored 96% for those who felt it was important or very important.

1. What is the number one cause of pollution in Florida’s water bodies?
Answer: Stormwater runoff

2. What is the simplest way to avoid problems in your landscape?
Answer: Use plants best suited to your bed or landscape

3. How much water can be wasted per year by a leaky faucet that drips at the rate of one drip per second?
Answer: 3,000 gallons

4. Which of the following uses less water?
Answer: A 5-minute shower

5. How should you dispose of invasive plants on your property?
Answer: Kill them and then dispose of them in household garbage

6. Why do invasive plants grow so fast?
Answer: Pests and diseases from an invasive plant’s native country are not present in Florida

7. What is the best way to dispose of pet waste?
Answer: Bag it and throw it in the trash

We hope everyone learned something new and came away with a renewed determination to conserve our most valuable resource- WATER.

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